About Begreen – Organic Fertilizer


Clients in over 30 countries

Begreen AG was founded in Switzerland year 2012.

Begreen is an organic liquid nutrient made from natural ingredients. Begreen helps restore and revitalize the soil’s fertility organically. Whilst provide balance nutrition for plants growth and development. It is the only product in the world to receive accreditation and acceptance from BVL Germany for class category (i) food quality (palatable), (ii) safe for environment and (iii) promotes plant growth in 1 single product.

Begreen AG USA is working on a scientific journal with USDA Forestry Service on their “Rapid Ohia Deaths” caused by Ceratocystis. A 3 years program and initial test is positive with Begreen reacting to the cure.

Begreen have also demonstrated with Aluon Farm and University of Honolulu on the growing of Wonbok. Historically using commercial grade fertilizer grown Wonbok versus begreen grown;

  • Hard data: Production yields from WonBok treated with BeGreen were 47% greater than the historical average
  • Observation: Apparent quicker growing cycle by 5-7 days
  • Observation: Physical appearance was excellent and larger in size than average
  • Observation: Apparent greater resiliency to post-harvest quality defects, such as pepper spotting

Begreen will conduct a water conserving program with Penny Newman in California. Estimated conclusion of field testing is Autumn 2019 crop harvest.

Begreen AG in Europe are available in retail chains with Landi, and Biolchim. In addition, Begreen have produced with 3 renowned vineyards bin 2015 organic wines.

Begreen AG PRC (China) is conducting testing protocols with Chengdu Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences and Dongguan Banana and Vegetable Institute for new farming ideology, infested soil and incurable diseases causing loss of crops.

Begreen AG Pte Ltd (Singapore) will be the head corporate office representing the entire ASEAN nations because Singapore is first-world country in Asia, with a highly efficient infrastructure, free market economy, a stable socio-political environment and an attractive tax regime. Our goal is to initiate operation Singapore by Q2 2019. We will focus on hiring skilled local horticulture veterans to promote and advocate new organic farming solution and practices to new generation and farmers. Veterans to handle the relationship with local Universities as a testing hub for all our produce, soil and water tests. Sales and marketing team to handle the referrals from Pasar to neighboring countries for organic farming produce.  And local nurseries and green-thumb hobbyists.

The production of the biological basic substances are produced in Thailand and in Switzerland under their own direction.
Several plant extracts are used, which only occur in a special region in Thailand. These grow there in our own fields. The production is conducted strictly under ecological aspects. We would like to avoid unnecessary transport and associated pollution, as well as loss of quality. The Begreen insect control and insect repellent products that are used for protection of humans and animals are produced in Switzerland by Begreen.

The research and development of the products are coordinated and carried out by a team of biologists in Thailand and in Europe. Intensive cooperation with various institutes and universities in Europe (eg Central Lab Thailand, Veritas Switzerland, Universities in CH, TH, SLO) help us achieve our goal to produce 100% vegetable substances according to our vision. Begreen AG cultivates and produces according to Fair Trade point of view. Environmental protection and ecology.