Organic fertilizer for fruits and vegetables

The self-cultivation of nutritious plants such as vegetables, fruit or herbs is very popular here. Especially the cultivation of own fruits is a pleasure for many hobby gardeners and offers a special taste experience.

In addition to the appropriate location and soil, the supply of nutrients and trace elements is a decisive factor for growth. begreen Fruit & Fruit provides the useful plants with valuable trace elements from biologically cultivated plants. Trace elements play an important role for a healthy growth in addition to the supply of the main nutrients from fertilizers. The containing extracts stimulate the natural cell division so that the aromas are preserved naturally. With the help of the fine atomizing sprayer, the work is easy and quick. Inadequately supplied plants quickly provide a large area of attack for pests or diseases, as the immune system of the plants is weakened by the under-supply. Optimally supplied plants, on the other hand, are characterized by a strong immune system as well as a healthy and strong growth. For this reason, the addition of a plant starching agent should in no case be dispensed with. Tasty and healthy fruits and objst stand with this product nothing more in the way.


  • Vegetable raw materials
  • Safe for the ecosystem
  • No Genetic engineering
  • Rich in starch, minerals, vitamins A, B and C
  • Better protection against plant stress factors
Organic fertilizer for fruits and vegetables
Organic fertilizer for fruits and vegetables