Regenerative Agriculture what is it

Regenerative Agriculture “Begreen F” are very strong herbal concentrates – nourishment for plants, enriched with vitamins A, B, C, minerals, proteins and with a unique content of micro nutrients in natural form, synthesized with special technology of the tropical plant. Micro elements, which are the main and essential ingredient, are: calcium, magnesium, zinc, silicon, manganese and many other, which have an essential role in forming cell walls, cell division, neural transmission, increase of plant resistance and similar. High concentration of these substances lowers the so-called abiotic stress of plants caused by negative influences (acidic soil or soil poor in nutrients, temperature fluctuations, lack of or surplus of moisture, bad light conditions, etc.).

What is the next revolution after the Organic?

Whilst Organic farming just stops at “being clean”, Regenerative Agriculture takes on a bigger paradigm of optimizing productivity and bolstering welfare of the masses. With the view to introducing such novel concept, Begreen has successfully mounted transnational platforms to take the regenerative vision forward.
America has been one of Begreen’s outspoken advocates that adopt regenerative approaches and witness positive outcomes with fruitful soil and syrupy citrus orchards in the agriculture hub California. Equivalent results have also been observed in Europe, from gigantic and rich chicory roots in Switzerland to abundant wheat yields across Slovenia.

On the eastern side, Begreen is rapidly making vibrant inroads into the myriad Asian green markets. Hortpark, a 10ha botanic sanctuary in Southwest Singapore has been captivated by tremendous effects which Begreen brings about on coffee, fruits and an assortment of vegetables.
Most recently, Sri Lanka has been on a relentless drive to provide vocational training and employment opportunities for the young generation through eco-tourism parks.
The island is billed as a holy destination of spiritual upliftment with pristine beaches and sacred temples, yet the surrounding Laccadive Sea allows saltwater to severely intrude onto the land. Such natural harshness cannot discourage Begreen’s contribution to the noble aspiration of the nation betterment.